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We would like to say a huge thank you for all the wonderful pictures we have received on the tour so far.

Most are hanging on the office walls, others will appear below.

[Please put your name on your artwork so we know who to thank!]

Thank you so much Aidan for giving us this picture.  Your drawing and stickers look so bright on the black paper.

And thank you, Liam for this amazing picture.

A big thanks to Sophie and her sister who drew these wonderful pictures

Jess made this beautiful Easter basket for us and filled it with gorgeous ginger biscuits - thank you!

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Thank you Zoe for this wonderful picture of Momo with so many dogs!  x

Momo loves rainbows so she was delighted to have this multi-coloured make-over by Jessica Cooper (3) - thank you! x

Thanks Euan for your sticker pic!  x

Big thanks to Isla (2).  We love your finger and sponge painting  - fantastic!  x

Thanks for this one, Sophie and Ella!  We love the happy faces and Momo adores the rainbow. x

Aidan, you're only one but you've made such a brilliant job of colouring in Teddington. Thank you x

Oliver Bardell, you've worked so hard on this picture.  You've got Stuffy's face and hair just right x

Isabelle, we love your picture.  Such clear writing and Momo's hair is excellent. x

Hi Eloise, thanks for this wonderful, colourful picture of Stuffy.  It really cheered him up. x

We met Navriti in Lewisham. Pui says thank you for this colourful picture. x

And here's Navriti's picture for Chris - thank you x

Thank you Sophie (5) for this picture of us having fun! x

Hi Mary, it was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for the Stuffy card below x

Our big thanks to Phoebe who is 2 and a half for drawing this colourful picture! x

Dear Ben,  Thanks for this wonderful picture.  We're showing you our groovy moves.
Now you show me! x

Miss Mouse and Stuffy by Sally Corbett who is 3 - thank you so much! 
Lovely to see you in Wales. x

"Dear Stuffy, I watch your show and I hope it goes well from Emia"
Dear Emia, thanks for your fabulous card love Stuffy (and Twinkle) x

Big thanks for these zooming aeroplanes, Catis x

What a fantastic picture of Stuffy by Poppy Kelly who is 3.  Here he is dreaming of stars and butterflies. Thank you!

Hi there Alice Williams, Incy Wincy loves the picture you made... especially the red glitter! x

Hey thanks, Zach for bringing Stuffy to life in this fabulous picture

What a beautiful butterfly from Christina who's 3.
It's just flying in to see us now.
Thank you! x

Murran is 4 and drew these fabulous pictures for us. 
We love the rainbow and the big smiles.
Thank you x

Elliott is two and three quarters and very kindly drew us!
Thanks, Elliot - keep up the good work! x

Hello David!  Thank YOU for this colourful message.  It was great to meet you x

Reddy, steady, go!
We love the explosion of red on your picture - wonderful, Anna!

Maia wants you to know that "c" is for "colourful camel" - we love your work, Maia! x

Maia reminds us that "t" is for "toes"... it's also for "terrific, talented toe-painter".
Thank you!

Matthew in Hull drew this wonderful picture of Stuffy while on holiday.
Thanks for sharing your art with us, Matthew!

How lovely to be drawn in a picture with Evie in the middle.  Thanks Evie!  x

Thanks to Luke (5) and James (2) in Barrow-in-Furness for this lovely work of art. 
We like the green Stuffy looking on. 

Kleidi has produced this marvelous montage of merry toys from Show Me Show Me, bursting with colourful buttons!  Thank you!

Thanks for your card Sophie and Jessica.  Lovely to see you too!
What a picture - stick it in the album!

Get well soon Emily!  Sorry to miss you in King's Lynn.  We were all thinking about you.
(a picture is in the post!)

Jasper is 3 and gave this zany picture to Chris - we all love it!!!  How very original and nicely framed. Thank you, Jasper!

Jasper gave this picture to Pui.   It's a rainbow for Momobot... "Momo loves rainbows!".
What a wonderful arc of colour.  Thanks, Jasper!

It's our young friend Penelope!  How nice to see her and how beautifully you've coloured her in - thank you very much!

Hey Uki!!!!  We love you too.  Alexander has coloured in Uki so well!  Uki looks so pleased about it.
Thank you!

Big thanks to Ross for this picture.  You've heard of the Green Balloon Club... well Ross invites us to the Pink Balloon Club! 

Sophie Dunn is three and has given us this wonderful picture... and so beautifully framed.
Thanks Sophie!

Jessica is Sophie's sister and she's also a very talented artist.  Thank you!
(the artists are pictured above).

Oh Savannah you have been busy!  What lovely colourful rainbow letters - Momo likes it and so do we.  Thank you!

Emily who is 2 and three quarters painted this wonderful picture for us before coming to the stage show.  It looks like a jolly green and blue dog running along the beach whilst wagging its long blue tail.  Thanks Emily!

It's always good to know you've enjoyed the show! 
Thank you for this cheery greeting card.

A big thank you to Rachael and Adrian for this very happy birthday card. 
Those butterflies are wise to flee the buzzy bee!

Here's a stunning, colourful picture from Corin who is 5. 
Thank you so much!  It was lovely to see you in Potters Bar.

...and here's the photo of us with your sister Ronni who is 4.  Taken at the Wyllyotts Centre in Potters Bar

Here's Teddington in a blue car by Umi who is 2 and a half.  Thank you so much - we think it's a great picture!  Great to meet you in Camberley.

This was such a lovely gift to receive in Tamworth!  Thank you Frazer Penn-Bourton for making Incy Wincy Spider!  Fantastic, well done!

Here's Chris and Pui looking very happy, smiling away at you Jessica!  Thank you for drawing this in such a smart purple frame.

Pui says THANK YOU for this wonderful picture of Toddler Tom.  You're very good at colouring in!

Chris says THANK YOU KEIRA!!!  for this wonderful picture of Miss Mouse.
The colours are fabulous and you can never send too many kisses to Miss Mouse!

Thanks to Phoebe for this wonderful fairy!

Megan, thanks for your fabulous collage. 
Some of the things you've seen on the television.
Spotty things, pretty things and tasty things.

Oh Caitlin, what a lovely picture.  Here we are sailing away in the sunshine. 
Thank you!

Thanks to everyone at Ysgol Heol Goffa for our fabulous sunshine cards!

We had two lovely pictures from Sophie and Jessica Dunn - both 3.

What a lovely Momo flag.  She loves it!  thank you

Beautiful flowers Emma and Lucy, thank you!

You are kind doing this for us, Helena (3), thank you

Here we are with Isabelle (3) in the middle - thank you!

Thanks Phoebe, these are wonderful pictures of Twinkle and Humpty

Joshua is 18 months old & put together this fab sticker picture

Bethany, 3, gave us this lovely drawing with stickers

Whoever gave us this wonderful picture - thank you!!

Millie Palmer is 4 and drew a dinosaur with stunning teeth.  Fantastic picture, Millie!

Nice to meet you in Cannock, Ella.  Thank you for this wonderful picture.

Nice colouring in here from William who is 3.  Thank you! Stuffy is very impressed.

Momo loves rainbows and so do we!   Thanks to Holly Trellis for this colourful picture.

Jasmine made a lovely card with this wonderful heart.
Thanks Jasmine!

Pui with Stuffy by Ben

Emma Horton, inspired by Andy Warhol

A sunny day from Ewan

A girl gave us these lovely pictures in Fareham just as we were leaving the stage. 
Thank you so much! 

a lovely picture from Lillie....

Phoebe has been busy dreaming of desert islands and the deep blue sea.
Wonderful artwork!

Thanks for your cards Lucia, Marc and Matthew.

A familiar furry face by Mia.  This is the first of many pictures in a small book.
Nice work, Mia!

'Twinkle and Humpty' by Michael